Friday, December 2, 2011

Live Simply.

I bought this hat a few years ago. At the time, I was living in the middle of nowhere Mississippi, teaching kindergarten in a low-income community, and feeling like I lived a pretty simple life.

Oh honey. The life I lived there is nothin’ compared to the simplicity of our lives here. And…I love it.

I get excited about the little things…like I thought I was going to flip when I found almond butter at the farmer’s market last week. 
And I miss the little things too. Things that I took for granted before. Like having a couch. (As our furniture options are limited to a high quality set of plastic outdoor furniture, and while these certainly get the job done, they ain’t the most comfortable things ever made.) 
(I know...this is not a photo of the two of us sitting in our fancy plastic chairs. I just couldn't bring myself to photograph our dining table made of lawn chairs. So instead, here's a moment of nostalgia from our former couch in NYC. Makes me miss ol' apartment 7...)

Oddly enough, I don’t miss our dishwasher. Or hot showers – for the record, our shower has only one handle, and you better believe that water is cold.
(Yes, Cathryn, that Bumble is in your honor...)

I know, you’re reading this and thinking, “Of course your life is simple – you don’t even have a job!” Let’s keep in mind that I (still) don’t speak Spanish…so I’m not exactly anyone’s idea of a strong hire in this tiny town. And I’ve decided that planning a wedding and applying to graduate school are both tasks that should be considered full-time jobs. (Guess that’s why they have wedding planners and college counselors…)

It took some adjusting for me to live a life without a regular 7 to 5 routine…as I’ve always been one of those ‘go-getter’ types that is accostomed to such scheduling. But I’ve learned to live in the moment, and it’s been pretty damn good for me. 

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