Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Weekend...

Tomorrow is Saturday...and that means, for me, the arrival of two events of great importance:

Farmer's Market and Football. Yee Haw.
Every Saturday morning, a local farmer pulls her truck into the park in the center of town, and creates a killer spread of fresh (and organic!) fruits and veggies. On our first Saturday living here in Montezuma, we both went into town together to check out this weekly event. Ever since, it's become my haven, and I get the shopping done while Julia gets work done at home.

When we lived in NYC, there was always something good to be found at our local farmer's market...but summer was the best, of course, because of all the variety. I swear I waited all year for some of those heirloom tomatoes...

But here in Costa Rica, it's summer now! So the market is teeming with treats...tomatoes, avocados, papaya, fresh herbs, pineapple, lettuces...ooooh, gimme some.

As for the second event of great's gameday. With the love I have for college football, I'm sure no one is surprised that I've managed to find a way to watch games all the way in Central America. Go dawgs...sic 'em.

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