Friday, November 11, 2011


I’ll admit it. I used to scoff at yoga. I never could seem to get excited about a form of exercise that seemed to be nothing other than glorified stretching.

Then, I was coerced into trying it. And, damn, it was really hard...I never imagined that those silly little mats and poses could actually involve some real ability. The hardest part for me was often being able to hold poses for more than a second or two. Blame it on a pair of hamstrings that are eternally tight, or a mind that tends to wander at the first opportunity.

But today...I did a headstand. Just like that. (Er, actually after weeks of practice and effort. Although I’ll take that feeling of accomplishment however I can get it.)

There are two reasons to practice yoga, I’m told...
The first, is to allow ourselves to experience our natural inclination: joy
The second, is to remove any blockages that might be hindering you from experiencing joy.
So cool. I'm starting to get into this whole yoga thang...


(PS...that photo at the top is a painting we saw in a museum in San José texture, huh?)

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