Thursday, November 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

When we moved into our house here a few weeks ago, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was so nice to come home.
I didn't realize that I'd missed that feeling, as we've been taken SUCH good care of in the past few months. Every since leaving NYC, we've been so blessed to be able to spend time in the homes of dear family and friends...and in every way possible, they've taken better care of us and put up with us in ways that were loving beyond words. (Jonathan, Bonnie, and Mrs. G...I'm talking about y'all!)

As much as we loved being able to call 'home' to so many wonderful places, it's also been quite a thrill to build a home for ourselves in this little surf town. Every day is a bit of an adventure...but starting each day with our windows wide open to the sound of the surf ain't a bad way to begin the day.
There's something really amazing about being able to live a simple life...I suppose I'd use the word 'rustic' to describe our dear little casa, but that might not quite do it justice...
It really is quaint, but it's exactly what we need. Since we've been city gals for the past few years, we've relished the chance of pace.
Ain't many other places I'd rather be, anyway, than right here.

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