Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Hard Day in Paradise.

Ever since I earned my driver's license, I've loved taking drives. Just driving...with no real route in mind. I often used it as an escape -- a way to get the hell outta dodge, literally and figuratively. When I was having a bad day, I was often quick to hop in the car and jam out to some tunes. I'd always choose back traffic on the road seemed to free me from the traffic in my thoughts. Most of these drives involved a fair amount of dirt roads, and lots of wind in my hair. Evidence of a drive like this from my Delta days...

Yesterday, I had a hard day. I know, I're thinking, this gal lives in paradise--there's no such thing as a hard day in paradise!?! Guess I'm here to prove you wrong...hard days find us everywhere we go. Sometimes you've gotta have the hard before you have the least that's what I've been telling myself. Sometimes it only takes something you weren't the form of an e-mail you can't believe anyone could have the audacity to send, especially someone from your own family. It was the kind of day I didn't wake up expecting to be tough, but then again, there aren't many days when I wake up thinking it's going to be a hard day. Call me an optimist, I suppose. 

And I found myself wanting to get in the car and go. But our life is a simple one...and we sure don't have a car. So, I walked. And walked. And walked. And I brought my tunes along with me. I found lots of dirt roads, and a hell of a lot of hills...when you live in a jungle, neither one is hard to come by. I realized pretty quickly that it wasn't that I needed a car to get outta dodge...I just needed to go.
Before I left, sweet Julia wanted to know what she could do to help make things easier...when I said I was going on a walk, she understood. There are some things that I just have to deal with by myself...but it was sure nice to have my girl to come home to.
By the time I got home, dust on my face and sweat running down my back, my head felt clear again. Forcing myself to run through my thoughts with nothing but my thoughts to help me sure wasn't easy, but damn, did it feel good.

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