Friday, March 2, 2012

Good to be Back.

Well. It's been a helluva month of travel.

Feels like we've been on the go for quite some time. Aw, who am I kidding...we have been! It's been absolutely amazing. We have seen and done so much.

As we made the trip across the ferry last night, we both remarked on how lovely it felt to be on a familiar path. It's funny how much this tiny little beach town has become like home to us...and we sure are glad to be back!

We're fortunate to spend the next few days house-sitting for our dear friend, Dagmar, who we've known ever since our first trip to Costa Rica last year...
Her home is one of the most glorious spaces...and being here is just plain peaceful.
Before we left Montezuma last December, Dagmar invited us up the hill to her house for lunch...
...which was one of those lovely afternoons full of wisdom and laughter.

Her home is strongly influenced by Moroccan design, and is situated atop a hill...waking up here every morning to the sounds outside has me feeling quite thankful.
We sure are lucky gals...

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