Monday, March 12, 2012

Road Trip with Goldie

I figure it’s high time that I gave you the skinny on our fantastic month of travel.

(I make that statement as though I have hundreds of loyal followers anxiously awaiting my next update...which is, let’s be honest, far from the case. Despite the fact that no one really comments on these posts, or the fact that I have a meager fifteen followers, I am often encouraged to post by people telling me that they’ve been waiting for an update! Who knew? Even if it’s only an occasional reader, I’ll take what I can get!)

Our adventures began in a shiny, gold rental car, affectionately titled “Goldie.” Oh, how I loved Goldie. After months and months of bus travel, I felt like a rockstar being chauffeured. Don’t get me wrong...I’ve been thankful for our cheap bus travel, as it’s certainly gotten us where we’ve needed to go. However, I began to love it a little less once I discovered my tendency towards motion sickness when being propelled over curvy mountain roads at high speeds. I’ll spare you from any other details...let’s just say, I was quite thankful for a change of pace. 

Julia was quick to poke fun at my I was literally posing for pictures inside the car.

This little beach we passed and couldn’t help but was so beautiful and so deserted.
Our drive was full of amazing sights, and it was quite a thrill for me as a photographer to be able to stop for a photo any ol’ time I wanted. It was unbelievable just how many different landscapes we passed.

This time of year, most of the trees are in full bloom...
The drive was not without one point, we spent a full half hour on the buuuuuuummmmpppppppppppiest rooooaaaaaaaaddddd I’ve ever experienced. When we finally hit concrete again, we both felt like we could breathe...simultaneously amazed that our heads were still attached to our bodies.
After passing through coastal towns, we found ourselves surrounded by farmland. It was really so beautiful to see fields of cas and watermelon on all sides.
I've never seen so many watermelons in one place. After each turn in the road, there was yet another watermelon stand. These folks are lovin' watermelons...
Our drive was really wonderful...we both loved getting to go at our own pace, exploring so many different aspects of this fine country. 

The only downside is the reality that it's going to be awfully hard to get on another bus...

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