Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Playa Dantita...a lil' Slice of Heaven

After our roadtip, and arriving in the happy little town of Playas del Coco, we quickly realized we would not be spending much time in the town environs. Julia had so carefully picked this spot, for its restaurants and surfing proximity...but somehow the guidebooks failed to mention the fact that the town itself feels a bit like Daytona Beach. (No offense to those of you who get excited by rednecks and advertised shrimp buffet dinners...but that just ain’t our cup of tea.) Oh dear.

Thankfully, our friend Sue had told us about a little beach nearby...where we happily proceeded to spend the next three days.

After a short, but bumpy, drive through the hills, the road opened up onto this...
...and we both proceed to gasp. It was a glorious spot, to say the least.

Sure do love this one...
Playa Dantita was more than wonderful. There was a great little restaurant right on the beach. I was sold even before I read the word cheeseburger on the menu.
It felt like we had found a little haven...each day, there were no more than two dozen other people there. And there was a surf outfitter shop that rented kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear.
For the next three days, we kept coming back to Playa Dantita...and we spent our days swimming, snorkeling, eating cheeseburgers, and learning to paddleboard. I LOVE paddleboarding...and I was quick to point out that I’ve decided I’m happy as a clam doing just about any activity in the water.
Loving every minute.

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