Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now...

...that the rain is gone! Now I have certainly made the most of this rainy season...and enjoyed every moment of calm that the cloudy days and rainy nights have brought along.
That said, when we woke up on Monday morning to a blue sky, I nearly jumped up and down. For real.

Having experienced SO much rain over the past few weeks, I'm able to really relish the glory of sunny skies. It 's a feeling quite similar to that of the first spring day in NYC -- where for the first time in months, you are just so damn thankful for warm sun on your face.

I'm quite certain that it will rain again soon enough (we live in a country of endless rain forests, after all), but the season of rain has come and gone.

I did love the rain...but so far, I don't miss it...

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