Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Letting the Rain Fall...

When you live in New York City, rain is never very much fun. Navigating city streets and sidewalks becomes a greater challenge when sidewalks are covered in puddles...not to mention dodging the umbrellas of surrounding passers-by. Many a day I've gotten caught in the rain without appropriate footwear, and despite my travel umbrellas' feeble attempts to keep me dry, my cowboy boots sometimes take days to recover from an unexpected downpour.

Living in Costa Rica during the wet season has caused me to experience rain in an entirely different way.

Granted, I am no longer in a place that prides itself on hustle and bustle...and it's rare that I find myself hurrying anywhere. That said, it rains here...everyday. Were I the gambling type, I would never bet against the rain finding it's way to our new home. Clearly it's known as the wet season for a reason. Most days, we arise to blue skies and views of green mountains in the distance...but soon enough, the dark clouds form.

There is something glorious about an afternoon rain shower. The changes in the colors of the sky throughout the day can be almost breathtaking. Knowing that the rain will inevitably come for a visit each day makes it an almost welcome surprise.

I have no doubt that these are not the last rainy day photos I'll share...but here are a few...


Hope you are enjoying the sunshine whenever it finds you...and maybe even the rain, too.

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