Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Pals

I've always loved making new friends...as a kid, I think that's why I always loved summer camp. It's just so much fun to meet new folks...when we lived in NYC, we sometimes made friends in the most unlikely places...(Patrick, Karen, and Evan...I think you know all about this!) We're the type of gals who like to find friends wherever we go...and in NYC, we were friends with the Dominican guys who sat on our stoop each evening, the baristas at our favorite espresso spot, and the sweet woman who made our favorite flower bouquets. Blame it on our Southern roots I suppose, but sometimes a little friendly goes a long way.

So I suppose it goes without saying that we've met the most wonderful people during our stay here. We've met people from Spain, Australia, South Africa, Holland, Argentina, Germany...oh, the list could go on. Of course, we've also had some wonderful conversations with locals...being in a small town means that we've gotten to know everyone rather quickly.

Last Friday night we went to dinner with some new pals, and spent a lovely evening drinking wine and telling stories together.
By the end of the evening, we all agreed that there's something quite glorious about dinner with friends. Don't you agree?

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