Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nuestra Casa Es Su Casa!

It didn’t take long for us to decide that we need to spend more than just a few weeks here. Last week we began our search for a more permanent place to stay…and within the afternoon we ended that search, successfully! Before we up and moved to Costa Rica, everyone’s favorite question seemed to be: “Where are you going to live?” When we arrived here a little over four weeks ago (whoa! time flies), we had arranged places to stay for the first month. And now we have a more permanent answer to that question…at least for now. We’ve decided to try and spend a month or two in a few different places, so as to give us the opportunity to travel around and explore different locations in this fine country. We’ll move into our new place at the end of this month, and stay until we head back to the states on Christmas Eve. After that, we might live in a different part of the country for a change…but lucky for us, we don’t have to decide now!

The search for an apartment was like nothing I’ve ever experienced…certainly nothing like searching for a place to live in NYC! We were told that a fellow named Mauricio had rooms for rent. We asked a few folks where we could find him, and after knocking on two doors, we located Mauricio’s aunt. She said he lived nearby, so she offered to call him for us. He came right over. (It should be noted at this point that my Spanish is still, well, let’s say elementary…and thus, all of these discussions involve Julia speaking to these people and me standing by, smiling and saying “si” a lot, trying to understand.) Mauricio said that all of his rooms were currently being rented, but that he thought his aunt might have some places for rent. At this point, his aunt perked up, and offered over 2 sets of keys. Mauricio escorted us down the road and up a set of hidden stairs that led up the hillside. The first place we saw…let’s just say it left a lot to be desired. But the second place was quite nice. It’s a small house with a porch downstairs and a balcony upstairs, a kitchen, dining area, and a lofted bedroom. It is up high on the hill, and we have an awesome view of the ocean! You betta believe photos will follow soon…
After chatting it over, and discussing the safety of the place with some trusted locals, we decided to take it. Julia went back later that afternoon to reserve our stay with Mauricio’s aunt, Lilliana. There was no deposit, or lease, or contract. We shook hands, and she said she’s looking forward to seeing us at the end of the month. Just like that. (They discussed lots of other things too, but I only understood enough to know that we’ve got ourselves a deal.) Pretty cool, huh? 

On Sunday, we moved in. Already in just a few short days, it feels like home...and it's so wonderful to already feel like we're finally settled in. 

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