Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spanish Lesson: Numero Uno

I moved to Central America as a non-Spanish speaker. Lucky for me, my sweet partner-in-crime can speak this beautiful language quite well!

I've always wanted to speak Spanish, but I haven't ever really gotten around to learning. After my first few days here, I felt like I could understand a fair amount of what everyone around me was saying...but my ability to respond was, well, rather non-existent.

Being pegged as a tourist is not a label I've ever a New Yorker, I don't do well with Times Square or slow-moving tourist pedestrians anywhere.

But not being able to speak the native language in our new home pretty much busts me every time. So...let the learning begin.

I had my first Spanish lesson two days ago...and yes, I'll admit, Julia had to bribe me to actually sit down with headphones and a workbook...

Hence the beers and peanuts alongside my fancy Accelerated Spanish workbook and the throwback walkman seen above.

My progress has been rather slow, but I am learning! By the time some of y'all come to visit us, maybe I'll be the one ordering the beers and giving directions...hey, a girl can dream, right?

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