Friday, October 14, 2011

A Three Hour Tour...

This whole shebang of an adventure all started with our trip to Costa Rica almost two years ago. We decided to learn to surf, and ended up at a surf school in Montezuma, Costa Rica. It was on this trip that Julia found some works of Costa Rican poets, and, well…I suppose the rest is history.

So it seemed only fitting that we would come back to Montezuma at the start of our year here.

We got up bright n’ early last Saturday morning, and traveled in a van from San Pedro to Puntarenas, where we boarded a ferry to cross the Nicoya Gulf. The ride was really quite glorious, and brought such an unexpected change of pace from the mild temperatures and cloudy days in San Pedro. 

After docking the ferry, we had quite the time unloading our I'm not the world's lightest packer. (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, those bags would be bigger than her...)

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