Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh dear.

Oh dear. I’ve been such a lackadaisical blogger as of late, I’m afraid. And, oh, how I’ve missed you! It seems silly, I suppose to tell you that you’re missed…as this blog is written to no one in particular, and yet each day when I sit down to write I simply think of those I miss most…and that is y'all! Especially since I’ve yet to make it famous in the blogging world, I’m quite certain that anyone who is reading this is already someone I know and love. It’s true that Costa Rica is not all that far away…and yet, it feels far away. The comments and notes that y’all have sent my way in response to this blog have given me quite a thrill. It’s always nice to know that someone is listening, but it’s especially nice when it’s those you love who are the listeners.

So, I’m back…and hopefully my ramblings will continue to make your visits here feel worthwhile!

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